Friday, September 7, 2012

ZBrush! :D

I just barely started working in ZBrush, and I'm still a total newb at it, but learning a little more every day :)  This was a speedsculpt ( a little under an hour) from the open figure drawing session today using zspheres and sculpting tools, no template.  I think I slapped chrome on it because I'm still excited about all the nifty  ZBrush features . . . kind of like the first-time birthday party video editor who uses a different and more obnoxious transition on every cut (link). Okeedoke, off to class! :)


  1. Hey, he's a metallic man! Or maybe he's the ice man from X-men. :)

    This is pretty neat; he's got some definite body-muscles going on (as opposed to a whole lot of Mexican... wow, running rampant with the inside jokes this time...). I'm excited to see more of this stuff as you go! It'll be especially neat to see how you handle and learn from more dynamic poses. :)

    Good jorb, eh!

    1. P.S. I didn't mean to imply that this exercise isn't engaging. For the symmetry and static...ness of his pose (which was, of course, out of your control), you did really rather well.

      P.P.S. You've gotta have blue hair.

    2. Heh- Gotta have blue hair! ;) No offense taken! I'm excited to do more gestural poses as well, but in all honesty I'm glad this one in this session was static and symmetrical, if for no other reason than my sheer newbship lol :) It was a good one to practice and learn on. Thank you Mssr. Model lol, and thank you for commenting! ;)