Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Announcement :)

Most people never even get to see an angel, but this Saturday one agreed to marry me :)

Nerdy jokes aside, I am so absolutely blessed :)  Emily is my best friend in the whole world, and I am so psyched to spend all eternity with her :)

So here's the story:  We hiked Bridal Veil Falls with some of our best friends, who were of course all in on the plot :}  At the top, near the falls, we found an abandoned guitar and proceeded to "search" for the owner.  Of course, no one claimed it, as the guitar had been provided by my sister and planted by our cousin Joseph lol :)  Finding a dry spot, we opened up the case to look for some kind of identification.  We found a capo, a tuning pipe, a guitar stand, and my roomate Garrett Parker "found" a camera.  Supposedly fiddling with it, he began filming :)

(sorry about the noise, waterfalls tend to . . . make it. lol :) My buddy Jameson and I did our best to tone it down)


Lol afterwards, as we were both totally soaked, Emily's roommate Jayne presented emily with a change of clothes she had smuggled on the hike and the two of us completed the evening alone together at The Roof restaurant in Salt Lake City, then with a walk around Temple square.

Next to our table in the roof restaurant (image re-composited from 2 photos
in the same spot to compensate for flash lighting on window.  sometimes
it's convenient to be a nerd lol)

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