Saturday, June 16, 2012

7-week Sketchdump!

Aloha ye denizens of the information superhighway! Whoa, I haven't heard anyone call the interwebs that since those non-sanctioned fieldtrips with Mrs. Frizzle . . . am I dating myself?  In any case, I had the incredible opportunity recently to take a gesture drawing course from one of my heroes, Ryan Woodward (plug!). While ostensibly a figure drawing class, the course was essentially a 2 month intensive in creativity.  Ryan pushed our brains to the limit, and we grew a lot.  I feel incredibly blessed to have participated.

Each week we had a sketchbook theme, which we were to incorporate into our work, inspired by life sketching.  Here are some selections from my sketchbooks:

Week 1: Romance

Week 2: John Hughes Film

Week 3: Extreme Sports Mothers
(PS- Hitler was from our readings that week.  Apparently he banned Mickey Mouse cartoons in Germany in 1935 . . . thus officially completing his turn to the dark side.)

Week 4: Socialite

Week 5: Monsters

Week 6: Star Wars Ponies

Week 7: Sci-fi

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plein Air Speedpainting at thanksgiving point

(photoshop and Wacom 3, painted with a hard square brush)

Yesterday there was a community art get-together up at the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  My girlfriend (plug!) was kind enough to invite me, and she sketched oil pastel while I painted.  If you live in Utah, Thanksgiving Point is right outside of Lehi.  But then, I probably shouldn't phrase that conditionally, as it's right outside of Lehi regardless of  where you're from, but. :)  I suppose the point is, I would highly recommend it.  The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, and just up the hill there is a fantastic dinosaur museum that you should put on your bucket list.  Here's a link: (<- the link . . . aforementioned?)