Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Prospector

This one was kind of stream of consciousness lol, but fun.  And fun. :)

The basic thought is that he's looking for a rare mineral inside of an asteroid honeycombed with tunnels.  He's a member a hardy alien race with an uncanny ability to discern the properties of substances by touch– hence making them very good miners, prospectors, and chemists.  They spend a lot of time underground, and have developed both biologically and technologically to a subterranean environment.  While not unintelligent, the enlarged forehead is not brain mass, it is primarily bone– a thick pad that acts as a shock absorber in the event of a cave-in.

Because he works in space, there is very little gravity or heat.  Still, he needs physical contact with the rock in order to do his work.  Instead of a traditional space suit,  he wears on his back a localized gravitational unit.  The pack houses a very small and specially shaped piece of neutron star to lock atmosphere and heat close to his body when he leaves his ship.  As gravitational force exerted on objects closest to the source increases exponentially, and the core of the apparatus is located next to his lower back, the pack must also act as a protective brace. It uses physical support and advanced counter-gravity technology to prevent the gravitational force from causing strain or injury.

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