Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kinda Sketchy . . . .

Cap'n Bill Wheedles: Revamp

Cap'n Bill is a character from L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz.  This is a complete redo of a previous design, which the morbidly curious reader may find here

The idea was basically to start from the ground up and create a more dignified character, still with a goofy edge, but someone you could imagine telling epic tales of his adventures on the High Seas.  Last time, the peg leg was audaciously prominent, but this time is understated and partially obscured.  I hoped to show by this the captain's tendency to play down his own wounds and woes, focusing on the needs of others.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Road Trip!

This was a Christmas Present from my amazing sister, Sarah (Plug!) who is a very talented comic book artist.

Beyond that, it is a true story.  We drove from BYU Provo to our Mom's house in Colorado in record time.  As in, we've applied for a spot in the Guinness book for the longest temporal interval between the two said points.  We turned what should have been an 8-hour trip into a 25 hour adventure with an overnight at Motel-6  :)  In our defense, individually, we are somewhat competent.  We're just too good of buddies to travel intelligently together . . . at least to any fixed destination.  But hey, it was fun :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Santana Claus! waka waka P)

Merry Christmas all!

This was a Christmas Present for my friend Gary Mulder, audio expert and former professional cyclist. Here is his Website for all you musical types, he makes high end audio equipment for bands all over the world.

Lol this one had its genesis in a Christmas present from my Mom.  She gave my sister and a tub full of amazing old CDs that we've been geeking out about for the last 24 hours lol.  Among these were several Santana CDs, and it being Christmas time . . . andyways.  The word association was inevitable.  I apologize for the "Pun"-ishment . . . wakawaka ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Speedpaint: Horseman

This was a speedpainting from entirely too late last night, about 2 hours :)  Most of it is from my head, though I looked briefly at a couple of horse paintings.  Lol i need to learn horse anatomy

The basic idea is it's a Nephite horseman being hit by an arrow at the battle of Jershon.  It's one of the sadder stories in the Book of Mormon, but also one of the most inspiring.  In a supreme act of brotherly love, vast numbers of Nephite soldiers died in battle, defending their former enemies. (

Speedpaint: Roomies

I've set an early new year's resolution to do a speedpainting every day to hone my digital painting/ concept skills.  Not all of them will end up here, but I promise I'm doing them!  This is number 6, painted this morning while my oatmeal got cold. I came down the stairs to see my roomates vegging out on Paper Mario and was like, "Huh.  It would be fun to do a speedpainting of my roomies vegging out on Paper Mario". lol I kind of liked the result, so I posted it :) Finals and today!  I better go work on something school related lol. Wish me luck!