Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A'ight kids, keep feeding me them patties!

Happy Labor Yesterday!

This one started out as a speed sketch that went a bit farther.  The story of its conception is rather silly.  I saw this amazing old man on a summer-themed commercial; he was so hairy that laying on the beach there that he might have been mistaken for a really gross shag carpet.  It was glorious.  I had to draw it.  Honestly I would have liked to give him more hair, but time waits for no follicle :/ Perhaps I shall revisit it at a later date . . .  I had to come up with a story for why he had his shirt off in the first place, and with labor day coming up, and my perennial beticklement with the concept of dentures . . . man, I really hope no one from NIMH subscribes to this blog.

This painting was kind of a neat opportunity to play with the way slight interacts with soft materials (ie skin, meat, and polymethylmethacrylate (apparently the polymer used to create dentures)).  In the case of meat for instance, which is semi-translucent, light actually penetrates the surface and bounces around inside, creating a slight glow.  In physics and computer graphics they call it "sub-surface scattering".

Rendering out materials is an area in which I can definitely stand to improve . . . I'm beginning to undersand the emphasis the old masters placed on still life paintings of food.  There is definitely a lot to be learned about light, color, texture, and form from those kind of exercises.  The best modern 3d artists still learn by studying in a similar way.  Here's a short video Pixar put out on studying food for Ratatouillelink


  1. Beautimous. ;) He looks so happy to be there. And I really like the way the little girl turned out (yes, she does look like a she!).

    1. ;) lol I'm glad she does, finally! Thanks for all your input and support along the way, it really helped :)