Thursday, March 29, 2012

Show some hustle! (Development Sketches)

Lol another character idea I've been kicking around, a gym teacher based on one I had in junior high.  He was a tough as nails ex-Navy Seal, but if you caught him at the right moment you realized he was a teddy bear way down deep.  Don't ever tell him that, though- he might make you run laps until your feet erode a new school swimming pool ;)

These are just some development drawings, he's not completely nailed down yet.  I'm also working on some of the kids in the class and the school principal.  Enjoy!


  1. Aww, he got a goldfish! :)

    It's fun to see the development he's going through. Seems like you've let go of the visor idea, but I really like that purple one where his visor comes straight down his forehead. It's good to be able to see his eye(s) every now and then, though.

    That math joke made me laugh a lot.

    1. Thanks for your input! Hmmm . . . the visor may or may not return, but I will definitely experiment :)