Friday, March 23, 2012


Howdy blogfolk!  Guess what?  I had an interview with Sony Animation yesterday!  I don't know whether I got the internship yet, but keep your digits crossed!

After reviewing my portfolio, one suggestion in they gave me was to branch out and show some versatility in character design.  I've started a couple of personal design projects to work on that, more as it develops!  Above are some preliminary sketches for the first project, a story about an explorer's wife who has to rescue her husband after he's turned into a guinea pig by a shaman.  Or more accurately, he swaps their places . . . you'll see :)


  1. It's too bad the explorer ends up looking like just kind of a dork (or a guinea pig) in this story. I'd love to see what kind of coolandawesome things he discovered and did before bumping into the shaman. Prequels, anyone?

  2. :) The story is still in flux . . . it may end up being that these two are brother and sister and have to rescue their father instead. Either way, though :)