Friday, December 7, 2012

Proof of Concept

Huzzah for my first ever full body full color zsculpt!  He's a Camptosaurus dispar, one of the major land herbivores of the late Jurassic period.  We're looking at incorparating some 3d into some of the exhibits at the BYU Museum of Paleontology, and this is kind of a proof of concept :)  Below is the Camptosaurus I used for reference, which is on display near the main entrance.

PS— Time lapse video!

A time-lapse video of the sculpt.  My apologies, I forgot to press record at the last part, so it kind of jumps from 3/4-done to all-done.  With regards to the music— Oh. yeah.


  1. So cool!

    So, did he usually walk and stand on just his hind legs, or did he ever go on all fours, as far as we know? He just looks like he'd have trouble balancing for very long in that position. Unless his tail is incredibly dense. Just curious. :)

    1. He did teh both! Likely Camptosaurus grazed on all 4s, but got up and ran on 2 legs when threatened :)

      Thanks for commenting!