Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sketchbook: Imagination (BFA portfolio 2011)

This was part of my BFA portfolio from last summer, I never submitted it back in the day, so yeah :) Random sketches from imagination, mostly in bic or sharpie pen with colors in Crayola Crayon. Gotta stick to yo roots! ;)


  1. Various comments on various sketches:

    I wish I had a tree growing out of my house.

    Maybe it's a...hmm. I don't know. But I like his elephant seel-looking snout. Thing.

    Nice use of the word "pedestrian"! ITZEEW!

    1. :) I want to live in a tree house one day . . . they actually do have real houses built into trees, some of them pretty huge!

      I guess he does look like a cross between an elephant seal and a lion . . . with maybe a little Goanna Lizard and Jumping spider influence lolz

      lol the robo-dog is based on my old Bishop's Schnauzer. I may or may not have been operating under the influence of pink lemonade that day ;)

    2. Oh. That IS how you spell "seal." Dang it, Pokemon!