Friday, February 10, 2012

Prehistoric Valentine

This was a sketch for the BYU Sketchbook Club (check them out here!). Whoa, exclamation point with a period after . . . am I allowed to do that?  Should the previous statement have been parenthetical? Should I concern myself less with the intricacies of the realm of grammar in a post on a concept design blog?  Mayhaps . . .

In any case, the BYU sketchbook club toured the Dinosaur Museum where I work earlier this month, and sketched afterward.  In anticipation of the event and a significantly more significant event to significant people in our lives (coming up significantly soon), they decided to make this month's theme "Prehistoric Valentine."  Inspired, truly.  Or at least fun to draw :)

Note: While it may have been appropriate in former times to present to a lover a deer skull with roses protruding from the nasal turbinates, such practices are largely frowned upon today.  Dead things make poor valentines.  Unless, well . . . they're roses.


  1. They're cute.

    I like that he left a few of the vertebrae dangling from the skull. The valentine probably makes a nice clacking noise that way.

    1. Mayhaps he serenaded her with a love song set to osteological percussion . . . :)