Monday, December 26, 2011

Road Trip!

This was a Christmas Present from my amazing sister, Sarah (Plug!) who is a very talented comic book artist.

Beyond that, it is a true story.  We drove from BYU Provo to our Mom's house in Colorado in record time.  As in, we've applied for a spot in the Guinness book for the longest temporal interval between the two said points.  We turned what should have been an 8-hour trip into a 25 hour adventure with an overnight at Motel-6  :)  In our defense, individually, we are somewhat competent.  We're just too good of buddies to travel intelligently together . . . at least to any fixed destination.  But hey, it was fun :)


  1. Haha it was fun at least :) And the drawing/storytelling is beautiful, Sarah did a be-awesome job! I'll pass the word along :)