Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Santana Claus! waka waka P)

Merry Christmas all!

This was a Christmas Present for my friend Gary Mulder, audio expert and former professional cyclist. Here is his Website for all you musical types, he makes high end audio equipment for bands all over the world.

Lol this one had its genesis in a Christmas present from my Mom.  She gave my sister and a tub full of amazing old CDs that we've been geeking out about for the last 24 hours lol.  Among these were several Santana CDs, and it being Christmas time . . . andyways.  The word association was inevitable.  I apologize for the "Pun"-ishment . . . wakawaka ;)


  1. Aaugh! So many puns! I lost the game!

    General suffering aside, I really like how the amp-gale is affecting the fur trim on his clothes. And it's cool that S. Clause's belt appears to be around his thighs and is still awesome. Ah, the power of good composition--making things look good, whether or not they make sense.

  2. D'ahh I lost the game! Lol belt around thighs . . . that reminds me of this guy we saw at the Rapid City Mall today. Poor gangsta. He was having trouble keeping up with his homies . . . lol I hope to post the drawing in the next couple of days. Thanks for commenting, it's good to know that somebody looks at the blog lol :)