Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ute Lore

Last year, my friend Jesse Draper and I received a grant from Brigham Young University to create a concept art exhibit based on the legends of the Ute tribe of Native Americans. The Ute lived here in Provo, Utah before the pioneers founded our city. We co-exhibited with Japanese American artist Shu Yamamoto, who does hilarious and thought provoking reproductions of paintings in Western art history with all the characters replaced by cats (Shu's site).

A newspaper article about the show by Provo's Daily Universe can be found here:

Below are some of the images I contributed to the show, along with some shots from the reception. You should really check out Jesse's work as well—he's an AMAZING painter and sculptor. His portfolio can be found at:

With Jesse and Shu at the premiere

Thank you again to all who made the premier and reception a success! If you didn't get the chance to attend, the show will be open until April 24th at the Utah County Health and Justice Building in  Provo. For directions, click here. To see more upcoming shows from the Utah County Arts Council click here.

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