Monday, March 18, 2013

Saint Patrick A La Secret of Kells

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Yesterday! Lol Hulu had "Secret of Kells" up for the occasion and I thought it would be a good excuse for doodling/ an emulation exercise :)  Saint Patrick is actually a very interesting character, I recommend the Wikipedia Article.

I've been trying to learn lately about flattening a space.  It's odd after years of figure drawing class where you're using every bit of mental RAM you've got to add depth and volume to a figure to turn around and intentionally smoosh it.  Kind of fun to do, though.  I've been gaining new respect for artists like Lane Smith (illustrator of the ever-classy "Stinky Cheese Man" :}).

Saint Patrick's day was the fun, I didn't get pinched even though I totally forgot to wear green.  My wife eventually let me borrow a Vegggie Tales tie with Larry the cucumber on it. Because that's how we roll.


  1. He's got a fun feel! Definitely got some of that Kells feel with a lot of your own flavor, too! great work!

    1. Thank you sir! I love that movie, so much fun design :) I'm trying to expand my vocabulary a bit, to not get complacent

  2. I love Secret of Kells. And way to go for Emily making sure you had green on.