Friday, November 30, 2012

Sketch Prompt

This one was a sketch prompt from a fellow student: "Disoriented Ocean Kangaroo of the Wasteland"

Those were a difficult few concepts to combine, but eventually I decided that 26 million years in the future kangaroos have evolved to be the dominant sentient life forms on earth,as well as becoming semi-aquatic. They can hold their breath for extended periods of time and grasp things with their baseball glove-like tail/fin (an adapted  "heterocercal" tail fin, which is a new word i learned the other day!). Far more technologically advanced than our society, they build futuristic atlantean cities in the deep. As for "disoriented", i put a GPS in his hands. My Dad's GPS always does a good job of disorienting him :)


  1. I meant to comment on this before . . . stink! I like this guy a lot! I love how it so very much reflects your style, but also stretches into a new realm of anatomy (you're good at jumping the bounds each time you do a new creature. Solid anatomy data base in your head!)

    1. Thanks bro! I'm trying to expand into some new areas, so that means a lot