Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plein Air Speedpainting at thanksgiving point

(photoshop and Wacom 3, painted with a hard square brush)

Yesterday there was a community art get-together up at the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  My girlfriend (plug!) was kind enough to invite me, and she sketched oil pastel while I painted.  If you live in Utah, Thanksgiving Point is right outside of Lehi.  But then, I probably shouldn't phrase that conditionally, as it's right outside of Lehi regardless of  where you're from, but. :)  I suppose the point is, I would highly recommend it.  The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, and just up the hill there is a fantastic dinosaur museum that you should put on your bucket list.  Here's a link: (<- the link . . . aforementioned?)


  1. That's really neat! I like the feel that the uniformly square brush strokes give to the piece--it lays a clean and substantial lens over the organic subject matter, which could so easily have been interpreted in a listless and mushy way. ("Eight papers and two books...") Otherwise put, the brush you chose and the application thereof accentuate the geometric power of the cliffs that support the entire landscape. Very nice.

    Also, those two goofy kids in that photo look really happy.

    1. lolz That they do ;)

      "Eight papers and two books" lolz- Although I didn't think about it in quite as sophisticated a manner as that while I painted, I would have to agree with the final effect of the brush . . . I'm happy with how it turned out :) Thanks for always commenting and being so supportive!