Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Otherwise Entitled "The Great and Spaceship Building" lol

Ok, I got a wild hair and thought I might do a "sci-fi/futuristic" interpretation of a Book of Mormon story :) This is "Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life" (which the curios reader may find online for free here), if it had been written in a parallel universe by Isaac Asimov.

This was my final for 2d Design last semester, which is ironic because the piece includes some decidedly 3d elements.  The faces, rod, and arm are Nextengine 3d scans of my face, arm, and a dowel, then incorporated into the final image.  The Spaceship in the background (representing the great and spacious building) is partially painted, but mainly cobbled together from pictures I've taken of Las Vegas Casinos and LaVelle Edwards Stadium at BYU (the Vegas pictures were from a Dinosaur conference for work, I wasn't there gambling lol).  Since the Great and Spacious Building represents wickedness in the vision, I thought it would be appropriate for them to have an open Colosseum on the ship's deck for futuristic sci-fi gladiator matches. Hence the football stadium.  No offense, BYU ;)

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